Customer Reviews
We love it. No more fear of that sharp blade. We can
now change and adjust our blades confidently. I would
think that in the near future your Blade Change
Assistant will be or should be mandatory JHSC in
conjunction with OSHA.

(JHSC – Joint Health and Safety Committees, OSHA —
Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

~ Mike Weiler, Director of Facilities, Pickering College, Ontario,

Great product! I’ve used the Conti about 5 or 6 times
now and absolutely love it. I’ve been in the arena for
over 16 years and now getting older it saves from not
hurting my back reaching under the conditioner.

~ Greg Metcalfe, Arena/Parks Foreman,CIT,CGT,Township of
Cramahe, Keeler Center          
Strathcona County has been looking at options for our
staff members, who do our blade changes throughout
our facilities.

We have been hoping to over the years to find a safer
way for them to complete this task. When we do blade
changes now we always have 2 staff people on shift
within the facility. The one doing the blade change has
to be in contact with the other staff member in case of

We did look at other ways and equipment but the Conti
was the first one that worked out. It has staff buying in
and it is easy enough to store.

After using the Conti in one of our rinks, I was able to
show it to our OHS Team and they believed it would
provide a safer way to complete blade changes. So with
their help we were able to purchase one for each of our
6 buildings we continue to provide a safe environment
for our staff team.

I am confident they will help to provide another
engineered out safe work practice we can all be happy

~ Ben Bittroff, Facility Supervisor, Strathcona County,
AB, Canada


Follow several hundred Safety Supervisors who have already equipped their Operators
with the safest blade-changing tool available

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